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Activation & Safety Devices


Push Plates

For added convenience and accessibility, Hunter push button controls are available with large, easy to-activate push plates. Hard wired or radio controlled push plates are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, profiles and logo choices. Switches may also be mounted to posts and rails for maximum convenience and accessibility.


For areas requiring longer-range signaling, Hunter digital radio equipment provides reliable activation from up to 80 feet away. Matching wave length receivers permit distinction between multiple doors, and security settings can be changed in minutes. Optional two- and four-button transmitters offer even greater versatility.

Microwave Sensors BEA and Optex

These sensors are for fully automatic door opening control. They can be used for swinging, sliding and folding doors.

Safety Sensors BEA and Optex

In order to find the right door type which is the best possible fit with the requirements of both users and operators, it is advisable not only to consider the aesthetic requirements but also some other important aspects at an early stage. Much attention should be paid to personal safety. Always use ANSI/BHMA A156.10-2011.




DS18C - Available Switches:
  1. 10 position switch. (10PS)
  2. 10 position switch with key. (10PK)
  3. 3 position switch. (3PS)
    (also available with key - (3PK)
  4. 4 position switch. (4PS)
  5. 4 position switch with key. (4PK)

Air Curtains

Why fit an Air Curtain?
  1. Comfort - Air curtains help promote the perfect environment whether warm, cool or ambient.
  2. Open Door Policy - Air curtains promote open door trading in retail outlets and provides uninterrupted access for passing trade.
  3. Energy Saving - Air curtains over open doors promote significant energy savings.
  4. Protection - Air curtains help to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
  5. Health and Safety - In refrigeration applications, Thermoscreens cold store air curtains can significantly reduce the ingress of warm air when doors are required to be left open for access helping to retain the refrigerated air inside.
  6. Ease of Installation - Air curtains are not only easy to install but also easy to maintain throughout their serviceable life. A simple and cost effective solution for a comfortable environment.

Trident 4 point lock

Why fit an Air Curtain?
  1. TRIDENT is a 4-point deadbolt exit lock (3 moving, fixed hinge-side bolt). Depressing the paddle retracts all deadbolts for one-motion exiting.
  2. TEL-100 is locked by pulling the paddle when the door is in the closed position.
  3. TEL-200 models provide identical deadbolt protection, with self re-locking each time the door is closed. A pull handle is not furnished. A door closer is required for self-locking.

New Products


BEA Push Plate

The new Low Profile 36" Push Plate for automatic doors maximizes mobility and independence for people with disabilities. The entire surface is activation ready with four separate, and redundant, switches that allow activation from virtually any angle. Designed with a 36 × 6 inch activation zone and low profile depth of 1 inchCan be mounted to any flat surface in a few easy steps. Easily adapts to either a wireless or hard wired installation. Built-in wireless transmitter comes pre-installed in the top end cap.

Semi Automatic Sliding Door System (HSC & HCA)

Hunter’s new manual semi automatic door is unique, simple innovation for sliding door operation.
  1. Smooth & controlled
  2. Silent operation
  3. Compact & concealed
  4. Made in Canada
  5. 3 Year Warranty

Magnetic Automatic Slider (Coming Soon)

The Magnet is fixed onto the door without contact to the electromagnetic motor. The door is operated by attraction and repulsion between magnets, resulting in less points of contact, ware and particle production.
Since many points of friction associated with regular automatic doors are reduced, so the door has less wearing parts and so produces les dust particles. This new door will maintain a clean environment being suitable for clean rooms, hospital intensive care facilities, operating theaters, food factories and other locations which are dust and dirt sensitive.